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In a wood fired oven the cooking process adds flavour. So why is everything cooked this way so tasty? The answer is a matter of complex physics, mainly to do with the patented design and the thick outer shell trapping three kinds of heat (thermal, convection and radiant). At high temperatures, for example with a pizza, the radiant heat from the fire and the heat bouncing off the inside wall crisps the outside quickly and seals in the moisture in the dough, while it cooks the topping to perfection. The same goes for bread.

The features and benefits of Kaldera Ovens:

• We have built the most woodfired pizza ovens in Australia and have a growing distributer range worldwide

• 20 years of research and development

• Uses very little wood as flue is set to the outside of the chamber preventing heat loss

• Light our oven to 400 degrees in less than 40 minutes, with heat retained for up to 12hrs. Cool to touch on the outside like an igloo!

• Our registered designs are our unique ‘no-brick’ build; employing our DIY made-easy 3 parts purified refractory CLAY shell system.

• More than a pizza oven – cook anything from pizzas (in less than two minutes) to breads to meats to seafood to vegetables to desserts

• Residual heat allows you to slow cook and bake fresh bread

• Aesthetically pleasing, making it a focal point in any area – perfect for courtyards, balconies, apartments, holiday homes • No cleaning or maintenance required

• ‘Kid and pet safe’ – remains cool to touch on the outside

• Fully weatherproof and can be set outside without any covering

• Full range of accessories and options available to enhance your wood fired cooking experience

• Complete with professional support and training on getting the best out of your oven

Fresh Pizzas





Cooking in a wood-fired oven has for centuries been the exclusive privilege of chefs, pizza chefs, bakers and gourmet. Kaldera Wood Fired Pizza Ovens has combined this ancient knowledge with modern technology to experience the pleasure of cooking healthy meals at home in a wood-fired oven. Only a wood-burning oven can add that unique flavor and texture that can not be reproduced in a normal oven.

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The Kaldera Portable Range consists of ready-made portable and compact pizza ovens with a high cooking capacity. These ovens are extra insulated and made of the finest materials, making them super durable. They have a short warm-up time and can be up to temperature within 30 minutes!

The ovens hold their heat for up to 12 hours allowing you to cook with the residual heat. Even if the fire inside reaches 1000 °C, you can put your hand on the oven on the outside, making it child- friendly! The Kaldera ovens can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Unlike many other ovens ours are resistant to weather conditions such as rain and snow. Also, the ovens from the Portable Range can be moved by 4 persons by means of the four removable handles. The oven is so easy to assemble. For this reason and because of its compact design, the portable ovens are also suitable for small gardens, balconies, holiday homes and rental properties. Size is not the important factor with The Kaldera range, as our ovens hold the heat so well all food is cooked quickly. The ovens have such a culinary diversity. From fish fillets drizzled with olive oil, to whole fish baked, pizzas (1-2mins) of any description, to lobster and scallops. Breads to die for, lasagnas to live for!

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When you purchase one of our ovens, you are purchasing three things:

1. Superb Cooking Facility

2. Classic Garden Feature

3. An Entertainment Unit

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