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Kaldera FAQs

  • 1. Can I have my own logo on the ovens?
    Yes you can. There will be a minimum we will have to make for you but we can let you know at that stage.
  • 2. Are the handles removable?
    Yes they are, they screw on and off. They are there for lifting the oven on the stand or the bench. The handles are only the smaller ovens.
  • 3. Do you need to cure the ovens?
    Yes there are instructions when you buy the oven and it shows you know how to cure it. It's not hard.
  • 4. Do we have to buy the stands?
    If you are buying container lots you can choose not to have the decorative stands but for the larger ovens they come with the square stands as they also act as the cradle for the oven to sit in when it is being shipped.
  • 5. Can I mix different ovens in the container?
  • 6. Can the ovens also have gas attached to them?
    We have tried just putting in a jet we bought locally and it worked but it took a lot of gas to heat the oven up. The wood is very economical. So we do not have a gas attachment for them.
  • 7. What's the lead time?
    Normally it is about 40 days.
  • 8. How does the client move the heavy ovens?
    The ovens AD90 and over are very heavy. The client will need to arrange lifting equipment or a lot of friends, and if it is too hard to get it round to their backyard then they will need to buy a DIY oven which can be brought around in pieces.
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