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Manufacturing with quality is our highest priority

Handmade With Care

Each oven is hand made from shoveling the special mix of refractory Brick into the hopper for mixing, then it is poured into the moulds. Each mould is opened by hand and the shell for the oven is produced, then the shells are placed in a big oven for drying. Once fully dried the shells are placed on a work stand to make a completed Pizza Oven. All our ovens are fully insulated with insulation being put over the top and insulation placed under the paving bricks, which are carefully cut to fit inside the oven chamber. This is another reason why our ovens hold so much heat and don’t use much wood to heat. Each oven is then painstakingly rendered, with each oven having its own character, depending on who is rendering them. Some ovens will need to have bricks on the front and some will need to be painted. Each brick is cut and placed on, by hand, making sure it gives an authentic look we all like. All the ovens are then placed in boxes with their stands and the larger ovens are tied into the steel pallet that also doubles as a stand.  Then a box is placed over it.


We hope you appreciate all the work put into your oven and we know it will last you a lifetime. 

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