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About Kaldera

We are situated in Qingdao China and about 45 minutes drive from the airport.  We initially were making concrete fence feet for the temporary fence industry, when we were asked by an Australian if we could make Pizza Ovens. So for 15 years we have been making wood fired pizza ovens and selling them throughout the world. 


In a wood fired oven, the cooking process adds flavour. So why is everything cooked this way so tasty? The answer is a matter of complex physics, mainly to do with the patented design and the thick outer shell trapping three kinds of heat (thermal, convection and radiant).  At high temperatures, for example with a pizza, the radiant heat from the fire and the heat bouncing off the inside wall crisps the outside quickly and seals in the moisture in the dough, while it cooks the topping to perfection. The same goes for bread.


The features and benefits of Kaldera Ovens:


• We have built the most woodfired pizza ovens in Australia and even selling to the largest chain of Hardware stores in Australia and have a growing distributer range worldwide


• 18 years of research and development


• Uses very little wood as flue is set to the outside of the chamber preventing heat loss


• Light our oven to 400 degrees in less than 40 minutes, with heat retained for up to 12hrs. Cool to touch on the outside like an igloo!


• Our registered designs are our unique ‘no-brick’ build; employing our DIY made-easy 3 parts purified refractory CLAY shell system.


• More than a pizza oven – cook anything from pizzas (in less than two minutes) to breads to meats to seafood to vegetables to desserts


• Residual heat allows you to slow cook and bake fresh bread


• Aesthetically pleasing, making it a focal point in any area – perfect for courtyards, balconies, apartments, holiday homes


• No cleaning or maintenance required


• ‘Kid and pet safe’ – remains cool to touch on the outside


• Fully weatherproof and can be set outside without any covering


• Full range of accessories and options available to enhance your wood fired cooking experience


• Complete with professional support.


The secret is the materials to make the shell. The shell is made of a refractory brick and mixed with our own formula. It is mixed in a big mixer then poured into moulds.  Once insulated and rendered we have a great oven that retains the heat on the inside.  The outside is just slightly warm to the touch when fully heated.  


It was not long until we had a great order from the largest hardware store in Australia with over 400 outlets so we had to learn what the retail companies demanded. Even to this day we still supply them with ovens every year. We had some clients take our ovens to the Spoga show in Europe and we have been supplying to various countries in Europe. 


We feel we have not penetrated Europe and the USA enough.  We would like our ovens sold into more countries and hope to build relationships with more clients.  If we can see a lot of potential with our clients we can also give exclusive areas to sell in and we are very loyal in honoring our agreements.

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