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Kaldera Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Please have a look over the models we have on this website and all the information related to why our ovens are so popular.  Call, Text or Email us. We are located in Windsor, Sydney and hope we can help you with your pizza oven purchase. 

Email or call on 0425258774


Dealers Wanted

Kaldera ovens are not new to Australia as our ovens have been sold here for over 12 years. We have allowed people who import our ovens to brand them how they like. I am after dealers in strategic areas who would like to sell ovens from their homes/garages and make another income stream. There is no need to buy a container of ovens and the Initial investment is to just buy 6 ovens at the dealer price.

Please feel free to call or email me for more information

Email or call on 0425258774

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