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Become a Dealer

Become a Kaldera Distributor and enjoy operating from your home. 


1. Buy Kaldera Ovens for less than the local stores.

2. Sell direct to Stores.

3. Make Margins of 30-100%

4. Have an exclusive Area.

5. Pay a deposit of $4000.

6. No ongoing fees.

7. Operate from your home.

8. Operate with a Kaldera Name.

9. Kaldera Head Office invests in the branding for you.

10. Areas are filling up fast.


Kaldera Ovens also helps in Brand Awareness. We will add you to our website and we will promote the website on Google Adwords to get traffic to our website. We also place adverts to promote Kaldera on Social Media.    


We know how to build Brands and because this will be a new brand, we will need to do a lot of work to get the brand noticed. We know as we get more and more dealers the stronger the brand becomes with the concerted effort from our advertising and all the dealers.


The great thing about joining Kaldera is we help you set out all your advertising and promotions. 


Our role is to support our dealers with marketing and advertising needs. I am available to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our products.

As a dealer you would have direct access to the wholesale prices for the Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. We will give you a good price point to sell to the public. We will send to you the price list if you are interested and you will see great margins to be made.  Keep in mind you can operate just from your own home and it is a great part time job. It all depends on you and how much you want to do. A lot of your sales will come from word of mouth, so it is very easy. Everyone likes to have these ovens in their backyard.

To be a dealer you would need to buy just 6 ovens of your choice. You will be given an exclusive retail area to work in, avoiding overlap from other dealers.  We find most clients will not travel more than 45 minutes to look at the ovens and to purchase them.

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