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What's Included:


•   Castable Refractory Clay Oven

•   Flue

•   Slab base (preassembled only)

•   Steel Sub Floor

•   1 Pizza Paddle

•   Refractory Brick Floor

•   1 Recipe Book

•   1 Powder Coated Oven Door

•   1 oven stand (preassembled Only)

•   Assembly instructions (DIY Only)

AD 90 Tile

  • External Dimensions of Oven

    Length (front to back) 1320mm

    Width (left to right) 1150mm

    Oven height (excluding flue) 780mm

    Oven height (excluding flue) 780mm

    Weight (preassembled) 830kg

    Weight (DIY) 420kg


    Internal Dimensions of Oven

    Length (front to back) 1150mm

    Width (left to right) 915mm


    Flue Details

    Flue height 1000mm

    Flue diameter 150mm

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